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I’m Ramesh sai, The organizer of  Tubi tv activate and dealing with the Social Media Marketer of Delhi Commercial. I am multi year Boy done B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) in 2014 from Delhi National University.

For one thing, I need to begin by inviting you to the blog. Maybe you’ve discovered me by means of a post that I’ve composed on the web, by means of the web search tools, or via web-based networking media. In any case, It’s a joy to meet!

Here you will discover an assortment of supportive tips, instructional exercises and projects for solo preneurs and independent companies that have a little group.

A little about me… ..

I’m what you may consider to be a “Business visionary on a basic level”. I cherish everything enterprise, tech and independent company.

Preceding beginning tubi tv activate , I worked at Online Delhi Commercial as a business specialist helping organizations increment their natural rankings.

I at present have a system of business and news online journals, I distribute loads of posts over every one of them, a large portion of which are not free